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iRAP Accredited Practitioner Factual Consulting has successfully delivered the results of the first-ever iRAP project in Oman for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).

PDO is the local leading energy company, delivering the majority of Oman’s crude oil production and natural gas supply. The project was developed in close cooperation with strategic local partner Data Academy.

All phases of the 1,475 km iRAP study have been completed from Road Survey and Attribute Coding to delivering key outcomes, including Star Ratings and Safer Roads Investment Plans.

The project development overcame several barriers such as the road survey with temperatures over 40º in the desert, and the presence of camels on the analysed roads.

The results showed that the intersection designs and operation speed play a key role, so the project team generated different future scenarios by increasing/decreasing the speed limits to test the direct impact on the road safety performance of the network.

The assessment is a stepping stone aligned with the country’s two roadmaps, Oman Vision 2040 and Vision Zero, to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries on the Omani road network.

The strategy of PDO is to develop a road safety plan to improve 1-star and 2-star roads of their network, to become at least 3 stars.

Marc Figuls, Managing Partner of Factual said, “Oman has witnessed a significant 60 per cent reduction in road fatalities from 2017 to 2022 and is actively progressing toward the implementation of Vision Zero. We’re thrilled to be working together with committed local stakeholders in realising this goal.”

iRAP training was delivered to 12 local engineers and road safety stakeholders in Muscat in September 2023, helping to build local road safety capacity.

Representatives of Factual Consulting, PDO and Data Academy at the iRAP training in Muscat

The combined assessments and prioritised safer road investment plans will support life-saving infrastructure upgrades across the country.

“I extend my thanks to Majid AL Rashdi, Mohammed Alsaadi, Dr Demir Hadzic, Slavisa Petric, Dr Islam Albulushi and Eng Ahmed Albulushi for their support and vision for safer roads in Oman. Together we’ve reached a remarkable milestone and we can’t wait to continue our collective crusade for road safety together,” Mr Figuls said.

Factual team members Marc Figuls, Josep Laborda, Dr Ansar Yasar, Pietro Podestà and Maria Kopp are recognised for their involvement in the project.

According to iRAP’s Safety Insights Explorer, achieving UN Target 4 for greater than 75% of travel to be on 3-star or better roads for all road users by 2030, stands to save an estimated 110 lives per year, and 400,676 deaths and serious injuries over the 20-year life of road treatments, with an economic benefit of USD$1 billion – $4.20 for every $1 spent.

Images credit: Factual Consulting

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