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Strata is a consultancy engineering company specializing in transport infrastructure, also operating in the mining, energy and sanitation markets.

Strata is Brazil’s largest highway consultancy, project and monitoring company working in the road safety industry. Strata has the technological capabilities to enable agile field surveys, so that in the office, engineers specialising in road projects can provide bold, economical, and viable solutions. Always with the focus on safety for the road user.

With more than 30 years of experience in the road industry, Strata has established itself as a leader in road safety, carrying out more than 40,000 kms of road restoration projects and over 1 million kms of pavement assessment on federal, state and municipal highways.

In Brazil, Strata has already carried out road inspections of more than 100,000 kms of highways using the iRAP methodology and coding of more than 40,000 kms of highways.

The iRAP STATA CODER is an iRAP accredited inspections system from Strata Engenharia. It is an online system in which the Coder uploads geo-referenced images collected in the field and then codes road segments according to iRAP guidelines and specifications.

As it is a web-based system, it can be accessed remotely using the internet, making its use comprehensive in areas outside Brazil as well.

This Strata system has different access levels for users, as follows:

  • CLIENT – only views the images and encoding carried out, able to download the encoding but cannot change anything in the system.
  • CODER – accesses the system, performs the coding and can change it.
  • ADMINISTRATOR – manages the access for CLIENTS and CODERS, in addition to having full control over changes and uploading files.

As part of the iRAP Accredited Inspection System suppliers and the #RAPCommunity, Strata is committed to safer roads solutions guided by the Global Plan for the Decade of Action and UN Global Targets.

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