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Two significant road safety projects funded by Anglo American Foundation have kicked off in Limpopo Province, South Africa involving local capacity building and the assessment of 1,000km of roads and 20 high-risk schools to inform evidence-based safety improvements.

In 2021, Anglo American Foundation embarked on a journey to enhance road safety within South African communities through the inception of the Community Road Safety Programme.

The Limpopo Road Safety Programme (LRSP) is a strategic collaboration facilitated by the Impact Catalyst, founded by Anglo American, Anglo American Foundation, the CSIR, Exxaro, World Vision South Africa, and Zutari. With a partnership approach, it aims to develop a blueprint to promote investment in local capabilities and initiatives to address road safety issues in Limpopo.

As an integral component of the LRSP, the Schools Road Safety Project holds paramount importance in understanding and mitigating the risks children face on their journey to school.

A Schools Assessment Team, overseen by the Impact Catalyst, will receive specialist training to undertake Star Rating for Schools assessments around 20 schools in the province.

The findings will inform prioritized infrastructure upgrades around 10 schools which pose the highest risk to students on their daily journey to the classroom.

Post-construction assessments will evaluate the safety the implemented countermeasures, providing a before and after iRAP Star Rating to quantify safety improvements.

The second project, an iRAP assessment of a 1,000km demonstration corridor supported by iRAP Accredited Practitioner ARRB Systems, will produce Star Ratings to identify the level of risk ‘built in’ to the road for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and vehicle occupants.

Safer Roads Investment Plans will be produced to inform investment in cost-effective treatments along the corridor to achieve a 3-star or better safety rating, particularly for vulnerable road users.

Jonathan James, Programme Manager of the Limpopo Road Safety Programme said, “Our ultimate quest is to save lives and reduce serious injuries associated with road crashes in Limpopo, tragically a province suffering one of the highest burdens of road trauma in the country.

“These projects and partnerships mark a significant step towards fostering safe and sustainable roads in the province, and safer journeys for children, and all road users.”

iRAP Global Projects Director Julio Urzua said, “We are delighted to be working with Anglo American Foundation, the Impact Catalyst, and local and international partners to support these important road safety projects.

“Use of the iRAP methodology and tools will provide the important evidence-base to ensure road safety is maximised in the programme and investment, and local stakeholders are equipped to extend momentum beyond the project,” he said.

For more information on the Limpopo Road Safety Programme (LRSP), contact

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