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Visiting the Autonomy Mobility World Expo this year? Hear about our partners’ work and meet our team in Paris from 20-21 March!

Autonomy is the world’s largest platform bringing innovators and policymakers together to change the way we move in cities and we’re proud to, once again, be an institutional Partner.

Catch us in the programme:

This panel, featuring ELABORATOR partners POLIS Network, VTT, e-Trikala and iRAP Global Innovation Manager Monica Olyslagers, will discuss innovative tools to make streets safer and enhance urban space accessibility and inclusivity. Read more on the session here.

Join Monica and our partners from Union Cycliste Internationale, City Council of Madrid and Factual Consulting share insights from the CycleRAP assessment of 250+ km of cycling routes in 5 cities across 4 countries and 3 continents: Barcelona and Madrid (Spain), Bogotá (Colombia), Fayetteville (USA) and São Paulo (Brazil).

Reach out to meet our team:

Here’s a little more on the projects and urban mobility tools we’ll discuss helping to improve the safety of cycling and light mobility journeys worldwide:

  • PHOEBE, the Predictive Approaches for Safer Urban Environment consortium, is bringing together 11 partners and the inter-disciplinary power of traffic simulation, road safety assessment, human behaviour, mode shift and induced demand modelling, and new and emerging mobility data into a harmonised, prospective assessment framework for road safety.
  • ELABORATOR, ‘The European Living Lab on designing sustainable urban mobility towards climate neutral cities’ is developing a holistic approach for planning, designing, implementing and deploying specific innovations and interventions towards safe, inclusive and sustainable urban mobility. The interventions will be demonstrated in six Lighthouse Cities consisting of Milan (Italy), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), Issy-les-Moulineaux (France), Zaragoza (Spain) and Trikala (Greece), as well as six follower cities Lund (Sweden), Liberec (Czech Republic), Velenje (Slovenia), Split (Croatia), Krusevac (Serbia) and Ioannina (Greece).
  • CycleRAP is an easy, affordable and fast method of evaluating road and bicycling infrastructure for safety. It aims to reduce crashes and improve safety specifically for bicyclists and other light mobility users by identifying high risk locations without the need for crash data. iRAP, in partnership with MAPFRE Foundation, UCI and PTV Group, launched the Safer Cycling around the World Report last October on the first major pilot of the CycleRAP model in cities of Europe, Latin America and the US.

Visit for Expo details. We hope to see you there!

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