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iRAP welcomes the new EU Guidelines for the Network-Wide Road Safety Assessment (NWRSA) as a support tool for Member States and EuroRAP partners who need to carry out their road safety assessment for motorways and primary roads.

The European Road Infrastructure Safety Management Directive (RISM) requires member states to carry out their first network-wide road safety assessment of Motorways and Primary Roads by 2024, and regularly thereafter. The iRAP methodology and tools are available to help.

The iRAP methodology and tools offer both proactive and reactive approaches that comply with RISM, and provide a means of modelling the life-saving and economic impact of safety treatment options for all road users.

Global recognition of the methodology and tools, together with EuroRAP partners’ extensive implementation experience, provide evidence of the approach’s effectiveness to meet RISM requirements and more, to save lives and reduce serious injuries on European roads.

More than 1.7 million km of European motorways, primary roads, and secondary and urban roads have already assessed for safety using the approach. The SLAIN project in Italy, Croatia, Greece and Spain provided examples of how the techniques can be effectively applied.

Oversight of the methodology by a Global Technical Committee (GTC) comprising experts from the world’s leading road safety research organisations ensures its innovative development and technical integrity aligned to latest global research and best practice.

Online training and information webinars are freely available to support European partners to apply the methodology and tools to support RISM. 8,000 people have received iRAP training in Europe, along with 3,000 people who have benefited from iRAP online trainings and events.

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