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iRAP’s latest metrics quantify and celebrate the safer roads and capacity building success of our more than 26,000 RAP partners worldwide influencing the safety of road infrastructure in 172 countries.

The charity’s focus for 2030 Impact is in enabling others and creating locally-led programmes and partnerships.

iRAP global metrics are drawn biannually, and key highlights as at 31 December show:

Reach and assessments

  • iRAP partners worldwide have undertaken over 1.4 million kilometres of Star Rating Assessments and Designs in 116 countries. This includes, in the last 6 months, first assessments for Belarus, Guinea Bissau, Malawi, Maldives, Niger, Sri Lanka and Togo.
  • Star Rating for Designs (SR4D) is improving the safety of road designs and ensuring they meet the 3-star or better global standard before construction. The UK, Brazil, Tanzania, India and Australia top the world for significant designs activity.
  • Nearly 1.7 million kilometres of Risk Mapping has been completed worldwide with new Risk Mapping in Spain, Tunisia and the UK this year.
  • Over 6 million kilometres of global road data is stored in iRAP’s free online software ViDA used by 15,581 registered users. An additional 1.5 million km has been added by partners in the last 12 months.

Star Rating for Schools

The Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) Programme continues to grow in impact worldwide helping to inform safer school journeys and protect vulnerable youth.

  • The safety of 1,028 schools in 63 countries has now been assessed using the SR4S application.
  • 350,000 students has been positively impacted by SR4S.
  • First SR4S activity has occurred in Albania, Australia, Georgia, Malawi, Nepal, Poland and Tajikistan in the last 6 months. Countries leading the world in use of the application include Vietnam (113 schools), India (94), Philippines (83), USA (82), Uruguay (81), South Africa (66), Argentina (52) and Ghana (50).
  • Importantly, assessments have led to evidence-based safety upgrades in 360 schools and post-construction Star Ratings have been produced for 253 locations. Explore the SR4S Upgrade Tracker at and individual school SR4S results at

Training and Accreditation

  • 59,278 people have been trained in 160 countries in courses and events offered online and in-person (an additional 4,892 in the last 6 months). Many trainings are offered free-of-charge.
  • Training has been delivered in 18 languages.
  • 221 individual practitioners and 19 inspection systems are now accredited in 43 countries to support iRAP specification services worldwide.
  • In the last 6 months, first practitioners have been accredited in Bosnia and Herzegovina, El Salvador, Rwanda and Saudi Arabia. A significant capacity jump has been recorded in accredited practitioner numbers in Tanzania – from 0 to 19 new accredited practitioners thanks to the Ten Steps for Tanzania Project this year. Leading countries for accreditation include Brazil (now with 40 practitioners), India (21 practitioners), Mexico (18) and Croatia and Philippines (11 accredited practitioners each).

Investment made safer

  • More than USD$95 billion of road infrastructure investment in 81 countries has been made safer informed by iRAP assessments.


  • 65 global, national and provincial road safety strategies and investment schemes now include iRAP metrics and performance targets for safer road infrastructure – with a potential safer roads impact for every country on earth. Check them out at


  • iRAP is working with 64 global innovation partners in research and innovation initiatives, projects and partnerships to help create the tools to improve safety across our road networks – for everyone. The iRAP Innovation Framework is providing the governance structures, partnerships and discipline for developments, overseen by a Global Technical Committee

The work of iRAP and our partners would not be possible without the generous support of our major donor the FIA Foundation who recently celebrated 20 years of dedicated and outstanding public service that has helped to facilitate safer journeys on safer roads and in safer cars, saving lives across the world.

We applaud our partners’ success and encourage all countries to set their sights to 2030 and implementation of the Global Plan to achieve UN Targets 3 and 4 which include ensuring all new roads are built to a 3-star or better standard for all road users (Target 3), and more than 75% of travel is on the equivalent of 3-star or better roads for all road users by 2030 (Target 4).

Achieving >75 per cent of travel on 3-star or better roads by 2030 stands to save an estimated 450,000 lives every year and 100 million deaths and serious injuries over the 20-year life of treatments.

iRAP’s December 2022 metrics infographic can be downloaded in EnglishSpanish and Portuguese.

Individual countries’ metrics, policies and a brief summary of progress are available via our Where We Work Map and Partner Success Stories table at

The iRAP Partner Portal also shares this success, along with recent knowledge reports, news, training and projects per country.

For further information, please contact Global Programme and Communications Manager Judy Williams on email

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