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Thanks to the Spanish Road Association (Revista Téchnica de la Asociación Española do le Carretera) for its 7-page feature on “Brazil Aiming for the Stars” in the latest issue 237 of Revista Carreteras Magazine. The issue also includes two additional articles that reference iRAP.

Revista Carreteras is published in Spanish and reaches 12,000 readers internationally.

“Brazil Aiming for the Stars” – pages 28-34
By Edgar Zamora and Julio Urzua, iRAP
Abstract: Brazil, the giant of South America is betting big on improving the safety of its vast road network. Since its establishment in 2019, the BrazilRAP program has assessed more than 60 thousand kilometers of federal and state highways across the country using iRAP’s Star Rating methodology. These efforts are complemented by the implementation of a new national policy and vision for road concessions, through the  incorporation of innovative contractual mechanisms that commit concessionaires to build and operate safer roads under the evaluation parameters developed by iRAP. Brazil is making steady progress, aiming high for the stars under a strong commitment to achieve the road traffic fatality and injury reduction targets enshrined in the Global Plan for the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030.

“New Horizons for Road Safety” – pages 6-8
Article by Enrique Miralles Olivar, Technical Director, Spanish Road Association

“Progress towards safe and inclusive mobility in Latin American cities” – pages 45-52
By Juan Emilio Rodriguez Perrotat, International Consultant, Civil Engineer and Master in Traffic, Mobility and Road Safety
Abstract: Road safety problems that cause loss of human lives exist all over the world. Latin America does not escape this, which leads to the need to strengthen the actions carried out both by the State and by the private sector and NGOs. The Second Decade of Action for Road Safety and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals call and guide countries on the actions that can be carried out to achieve the desired goals for 2030. In recent years, various countries in the region have made numerous efforts to improve mortality rates due to traffic accidents. In this way, it is possible to find successful examples that can be replicated and that show that it is possible to achieve significant changes and improvements in terms of safe mobility in our countries. This document presents some of the many actions carried out in the Region that prove this. The challenge is to manage to articulate comprehensive actions within the framework of programs sustained over time that implement the necessary actions in all the necessary fields.

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