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With World Bicycle Day just passed and CycleRAP launching on 14 June, we’d love to share more information with you on the future of safe cycling infrastructure.

Join our 30 minute CycleRAP Q&A Session
Tuesday 7 June (tomorrow) from 12:30 – 13:00 hours CET. 
Join us on our Teams channel and have your questions about CycleRAP ready! No need to register.
Click here to join the Q&A at 12:30

It’s not too late to catch our Pedalling into the Future Roundtable at Autonomy Paris
How we can ensure cycling and micromobility are embedded as preferred safe modes of urban transport? 
Listen to the Roundtable recording here
Read more on the session and our participation in the world’s largest mobility event, here.

Want to join our CycleRAP interest group?
To receive periodic updates on the CycleRAP model, initiative developments and its use in global projects:
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Join the Launch
Following successful pilots in Europe and four years of research development in consultation with global cycling and safety experts, CycleRAP will launch at the Velo-city Conference on 14 June in Ljubljana, Slovenia. You’re invited!
Find out more here

For all things CycleRAP
CycleRAP is an easy, affordable and fast method of evaluating road and bicycling infrastructure for safety. It aims to reduce crashes and improve safety specifically for bicyclists and other light mobility users by identifying high-risk locations without the need for crash data.

CycleRAP can be used anywhere in the world and will power software tools used for pinpointing and mapping where bicyclist and light mobility crashes are likely to occur.

The model uses data about the features of a road, street or path to evaluate the risk of crashes for bicyclists and light mobility users—irrespective of the type of facility (or whether it is on or off road) and for all crash types.

CycleRAP is intended for use by transport authorities and organisations involved in addressing or advocating for safer facilities for bicyclists and users of other light mobility vehicles.

For enquiries on the Launch and implementation of CycleRAP, contact Monica Olyslagers, iRAP’s Global Innovation Manager and Cities Specialist by email

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