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Register HERE to join us on 9th November from 1 pm to 2 pm CET for the first EuroRAP Lunchtime seminar on Crash Risk Mapping, with case studies from the UK and Croatia to demonstrate how the approach can be used.

Brian Lawton from the UK’s Road Safety Foundation will talk about the Crash Risk Mapping approach and will describe how the project has been critical to the development of the Department for Transport’s £100 million Safer Roads Fund, and how the data have been used to scope the opportunity for investment in safer road infrastructure. Marko Sevrovic from the European Institute of Road Assessment will showcase the Crash Risk Mapping work in Croatia.

This is the first of EuroRAP’s Lunchtime seminar series which will provide information about the EuroRAP protocols through the ‘RAP basics’ online seminars, insight into iRAP research and innovation through our ‘Hot topic’ seminars, and inspiration for EuroRAP programmes through our ‘National schemes spotlight’ seminars. Along with a national schemes forum, these three seminar types will be presented in rotation giving us food for thought every month.

The virtual seminar series is aimed at all EuroRAP partners and other interested parties – from automobile clubs to road authorities, to researchers.

Our next online seminar on 7th December is a research and innovation hot topic event on aiRAP led by Monica Olyslagers who is iRAP’s Global Innovation Manager and Cities Specialist.

Register HERE, bring your lunch and find out what is happening in the EuroRAP programme (all seminars are free of charge).

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