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July 2021: A 4-part webinar series ‘World Bank and iRAP helping save lives in Africa: BIGRS 2020-25′ was delivered to attendees from 112 countries around the world. The webinar had 1,160 registrations in total, 57% from African countries. 

The series was designed to provide an introduction to iRAP for those who want to use the iRAP methodology to help eliminate high-risk roads in Africa, unlock the economic benefits of 3-star or better roads and meet Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and United Nations (UN) Targets. It covered practical examples of road safety experiences, lessons learned, and how to use iRAP methodology to do safety assessments across the region. View the full programme here

This webinar series is part of the World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) partnering with iRAP to improve road safety under the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BI­GRS), in the period of 2020-2025. The Program’s objectives are to reduce road crash deaths and serious injuries in 30 cities and 15 countries.

After each live session, the attendees were invited to provide feedback. Overall we received 736 evaluation responses, with 90% of the responders rating their satisfaction with the webinars, and 82% indicating they had learnt a significant amount from the series.

An online course has now been created to provide pre-reading materials, recorded videos, presentations, and an assignment. So far, 537 attendees are members of this course and are completing the activities.

The course will be open until 30 July for their completion of the assignments.

After the success of this series, we invite everyone to watch the recorded videos as a playlist on our iRAP YouTube Channel, alternatively you can click on the individual links below.

Snapshots from the series

Arif Uddin, Transport Specialist from The World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility provides an insight into regional activities

Marko Sevrovic, Senior Road Safety Engineer from the European Institute of Road Assessment presents on Risk Mapping

Tawia Addo-Ashong, Senior Transport Specialist from The World Bank discusses Africa’s Transport Policy Programme

Rachael Nganwa, a Consultant for The World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility discusses Key Road Attributes.

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