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Image above demonstrates what the validation errors will look like.

Dear ViDA Creator,

iRAP is keen to ensure the iRAP tool suite operates as best it can, with this in mind I am pleased to let you know that upload file validation process will be enhanced on Monday 28 June 2021.

Currently when a dataset file is uploaded to ViDA some simple validation rules are used on the file to check that it is formatted correctly.

This process will be enhanced to allow both the simple formatting rules and more advance coding quality rules (previously provided in excel coding validator).

The upload file validation will provide reports informing you of Errors and/or Warnings in the file.

  1. ‘Errors’ are where the file or data is incompatible, and would cause an error during processing.
  2. ‘Warnings’ are where the data should be checked for accuracy – Note this will not prevent processing of the data.

If there are a large number of Errors and/or Warnings, the Validator will compile these into a CSV file for download.

When a file is uploaded you will see:

  1. A notification confirming that your uploaded file has been sent to the ‘Validator’
  2. A notification providing the validation results:
      • If errors/warnings – the notification will provide a summary of the first few errors/warnings, plus provide a link to a download report file with all the errors/warnings within it if necessary.
      • If only warnings – the notification will be similar, but will also include a button at the bottom allowing you to manually tell ViDA to process the data (with the warnings).
      • If passed – the notification will tell you there were no errors or warnings, and that the data has been sent for processing.

Please note – for VERY large datasets the validation may take some time to complete and return the reports.

Kindest Regards,

Andrejus Laugman
Global Technical Development Manager
International Road Assessment Programme

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