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On the 18 May,  GLONASS BDD specialists were invited to facilitate a session at the International Special Transport Salon “Interpolitex: SpecTransExpo in Kazan, Russia.

The agenda of the special Business Session ‘International Road Safety Programmes – iRAP’ included new tools for the implementation of iRAP, and the development of iRAP and other road safety programmes in order to reduce deaths and injuries across the roads in Russia.

Earlier in 2021, for the first time, a road engineer from Russia, representing GLONASS BDD, had appeared on the list of 156 iRAP accredited suppliers from around the world.

At the event, General Director of GLONASS BDD LLC Maxim Necheukhin made a presentation on the software, technology and infrastructure elements for improving road safety. He spoke about the principles of devices, the system of analytics and accounting for all available data related to road safety, and recommendations for reducing mortality, injuries and preventing accidents for all road users. All informed by iRAP’s Star Rating methodology and Safer Road Investment Plans.

The participants of the business session discussed the development of iRAP protocols in Russia, spoke about new projects in the field of the development of intelligent transport systems and road safety. The experts also shared their knowledge in the field of big data analytics, pilot projects and research results.

In Russia to date, 1,250km have been star rated and USD$25 million of infrastructure investment has been made safer informed by the iRAP methodology.

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GLONASS BDD develops and implements intelligent transport systems using the GLONASS infrastructure. Their goal is to increase traffic safety, as well as reduce crashes and deaths on Russian roads. GLONASS or “GLObal NAvigation Satellite System”, is a space-based satellite navigation system operating as part of a radio navigation satellite service.

About iRAP Accreditation:

iRAP accreditation helps ensure that iRAP assessments are performed to the same consistently high level of quality worldwide. Consultants that are accredited can become part of a market of suppliers that are able to bid competitively to provide iRAP-specification services. Although not mandatory, we encourage organisations that are performing and/or commissioning iRAP assessments to make use of accredited suppliers. Click here for more information.

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