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EuroRAP enters next phase at the start of 2nd UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030

The Stockholm Declaration and the 2nd UN Decade of Action for Road Safety call for a new level of partnership activity to halve road deaths and injuries by 2030.  Building on over 20 years of innovation and cooperation between road agencies, road safety researchers and experts, mobility clubs and other NGOs, the member-based association, EuroRAP is ready for the challenge.

The recent launch of 20 National EuroRAP Schemes that support the new RISM Directive, and the established partnerships with the European Commission, EIB, EBRD, World Bank, ACEA, CEDR, FIA, ITF, 3M and POLIS amongst others provides a platform for positive impact by EuroRAP Members across Europe.

These partnerships build on the foundation of Member activity across 31 countries that has resulted in more than 170,000km’s of star ratings; 1,200,000km of cumulative risk mapping; €20 billion of road investment made safer and over 4,000 people trained.  Key EC supported regional partnerships including SLAINSABRINARADAR and SENSoR have built local expertise and a common language that supports the UN Global Road Safety Performance Targets and EU RISM Directive.

Moving forwards, the programme will reinforce the principles of a Member-based Association, where members support members for the mutual benefit of all.  Benefiting from the free-to-air iRAP protocols that are used in over 100 countries worldwide, the EuroRAP Members will share expertise, experience, innovation and knowledge to deliver on the EU and global targets to halve road deaths and injuries by 2030.

In introducing the new arrangements, EuroRAP Chairman Ferry Smith said, “I am pleased to introduce the new Member-based EuroRAP Management Committee that will continue on the great work of Lina Konstantinopoulou in positioning the association for the future and supporting our vision for a Europe free of high-risk roads.”

“The new leadership team will support the national programmes and provide technical and institutional support to members and key stakeholders and partners across Europe.  Coming into effect from 1 April, 2021 the new team will leverage the skills, expertise, knowledge and shared ownership of over 60 government and non-government members across Europe.” Ferry added.

In addition to the EuroRAP Management Committee, global programme support will be made available by iRAP Global Programme Director, Greg Smith and innovation partnerships across Europe will be supported by the iRAP Global Innovation Manager and Cities Specialist, Monica Olyslagers.  Technical expertise and support will be provided by the European-based Centres of Excellence and national programme technical partners across the region.

“New road authority, research, University and NGO members and partners are welcome to join the Association and be part of our common efforts to improve infrastructure safety and save lives”, Dr Suzy Charman from the Road Safety Foundation said.

On June 17th, 2021 EuroRAP will hold its annual General Assembly, at which occasion the Members will discuss the National Schemes in more detail as well as the regional partnerships including SABRINA, RADAR and SLAIN.  EuroRAP members will have the opportunity to exchange views and experiences as well as learn more about the latest developments and innovation concerning road assessment at the EU and global level.

Should you wish to receive more information, for example about membership, technical support, or general information about the programmes, please reach out to us via . We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Mark this page on the EuroRAP website as one of your favourites. We will keep you informed of relevant developments.

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