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EuroRAP RADAR project partner, Slovenian Automobile and Motorcycle Club (AMZS) led national consultation in September on proposed measures to increase the safety of vulnerable road users in its project pilot locations, including the need for safety improvements at a Gabrovka school.

The RADAR team from AMZS has, in close cooperation with local consultant UL-FGG-PTI, inspected locations and proposed solutions to improve road safety for vulnerable road users at three different locations in Slovenia.

Although all the locations are focused on provisions for vulnerable road users, one of the locations in the town of Gabrovka includes many school children among the traffic.

As the representative of the local community in Gabrovka explained: “In Gabrovka, we have been dealing with a comprehensive problematic infrastructure in the vicinity of the school for a really long time.” In this respect, AMZS presented the situation and conceptual design solution to the local community and school along with other national stakeholders.

The elementary school zone features many safety challenges including the absence of a pedestrian crossing and sidewalk, and poor visibility upon entering and exiting the parking lot. In addition, the location is used by transit traffic.

Countermeasures (long and short-term) were presented at the national consultation and are now in the phase of implementation.

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