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Road Attribute maps are now live and available on ViDA

The Road Attribute Maps provide a quick way to review categories of an attribute, to see how they vary across a network, and also provide a good way to review the quality of the coding data.

The key points for the attribute maps include:

  • The drop-down option can be used to select any of the coding attributes.
  • The option to show the before Safer Road Investment Plans (SRIP) and after SRIP attributes.
  • The option to show and hide the legend (to maximise map space). The legend is vertically stacked on the right of the map (Note these have also been applied to all of the other map reports).
  • The attribute map is only available in the ‘new’ reports*.

It should be noted that the attribute maps rendered the data every 100m so loading time will be a little longer than the Star Rating maps (which render as smoothed sections).

The attribute maps will actively support countries applying the iRAP global standard as part of their commitment to reach the UN Target 4 for >75% of travel on roads that are safe for all road users.  As part of the Global Road Safety Performance targets recommended attribute level KPIs have been produced to help countries with harmonisation of their data collection and reporting at the local, national and regional level to support initiatives like the EU RISM Directive.

The aim is to expand the attribute maps in the future to include even more power like mapping combinations of attributes.

What is ViDA?

ViDA is an easy-to-use online platform that contains the results from almost 1,000,000km of road assessments in over 100 countries. Anyone can use it to create life-saving Star Ratings and Safer Road Investment Plans.  A great feature of ViDA is that it uses a ‘risk worm’ to segment roads into different levels of risk. This means you can target investment to deliver the biggest return in lives saved and serious injuries prevented.

ViDA is constantly being updated to make it even more flexible and easy to use.

You can register to use ViDA for free.

 * Due to the up to date techniques used in the ‘new’ report, Internet Explorer is unable to support them. We recommend that users use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.

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