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The Project Team at RADAR (Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads) recently held a three-day online course to 47 road design engineers, road safety specialists, national authorities, road safety officers, and civil engineering students.

RADAR project’s Road Infrastructure Safety Training Course was initially planned to be held face-to-face in Moldova, however due to current circumstances the RADAR team moved the course online to share the knowledge more broadly. Although the training courses have already been developed in eight countries across the Danube area (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, and Slovenia), this online course has been the most successful in regard to the number of registered participants.

The course was facilitated by the RADAR project road safety experts including:

  • Olivera ROZI, Project Director, European Institute of Road Assessment (EIRA-EuroRAP)
  • Marko ŠEVROVIĆ, Road Safety Engineer, European Institute of Road Assessment (EIRA-EuroRAP)
  • Jure KOSTANJŠEK, Road Safety Expert, Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Slovenia (AMZS)
  • Bojan JOVANOVIĆ, Road Safety Engineer, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences (FPZ).

The participants to the training course have learned how to analyse the road safety data that highlighted the scale of the problem of road trauma in the region and how to perform road surveys as well as road safety analysis in ViDA software.

Congratulations to the RADAR Team for adapting their training delivery method to ensure road safety knowledge continues to be shared throughout Europe.

Read more about the training here

Find out more about the RADAR project here


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