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iRAP calls on its partners and the community world-wide to support the 5th United Nations Global Road Safety Week (UNGRSW) – to #SpeakUp and #DemandLeadership for #3StarorBetter road infrastructure for all road users that saves lives.

iRAP CEO Rob McInerney said UNGRSW is an important advocacy platform for the global effort to save lives and reduce injuries, and the 2019 week from 6-12 May stands to be particularly powerful with the theme #SpeakUp.

“In the lead up to May, we call on all RAP partners and the community to join the world-wide movement – to #SpeakUp and assess the safety of their journey, #SpeakUp and record their demands for 3-star or better road infrastructure and #SpeakUp and urge decision-makers to make a pledge and act,” Mr McInerney said.

iRAP has released a UNGRSW partner kit highlighting how action can be taken to demand safer roads.

With road fatalities still climbing, the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety nearing completion, the World Health Organisation’s introduction of star rating criteria for all countries to report to, as well as the establishment of United Nations Global Road Safety Performance Targets, it is a pivotal time for securing continued commitment and action.

Targets 3 and 4 include ensuring all new roads are built to a 3-star or better standard for all road users, and more than 75% of travel is on the equivalent of 3-star or better roads for all road users by 2030.

“Achieving Targets 3 and 4 by 2030 stands to save 467,000 lives every year. It’s achievable but it’s going to take uncompromising commitment, collaboration, strong leadership, decisive policy and evidence-based investment,” Mr McInerney said.

“Calling for this in community streets, in neighbourhood petitions, in infrastructure project meetings through to direct approaches with Ministers, on the platform of the global week, just creates a more powerful message for a tide of change,” he added.

iRAP’s UNGRSW partner kit asks partners and the community to:

  1. #SpeakUp and assess your journey
  • Identify a high risk journey or road network in your neighbourhood.
  • Use iRAP’s Star Rating Demonstrator to gauge a star rating indication and learn how changes in road features and speed can improve safety. (You can watch the Introduction to the iRAP Star Rating Demonstrator video here)
  • Learn about speed on different road types. Slow down to be safe!
  • iRAP and local RAP Programmes assist governments, mobility clubs, road safety NGOs development banks and the private sector to assess high risk roads and achieve 3-star or better safety.
  1. #SpeakUp and record your demands
  • Download the UNGRSW Get Involved Toolkit.
  • Download an I Demand a 3* Road signboard and snap a Speech Bubble #Safie of your risk on a local street (make sure you don’t put yourself or others in danger when taking photos or videos). Post your risk image to social media tagging #SpeakUp @irapsavinglives @UNGRSW and local decision-makers.
  • Add a UNGRSW demand signature to your email signature.
  • Start mobilising! Invite others to take #3StarorBetter #safies and sign-up their support. Create a petition for 3-star or better upgrades, policy and design standards where you live.
  1. #SpeakUp and urge decision-makers to make a pledge and act
  • Understand how many lives can be saved in your country.
  • Meet with decision-makers. Urge them to take action, make a pledge and act on it. No more 1 or 2 star roads! Ask for their pledge to ensure:
  • #3StarorBetter upgrades on existing roads
  • All new roads to be designed and built #3StarorBetter for all road users
  • The establishment of #3StarorBetter policy that assures all new and existing road infrastructure is safe.
  • Register the results of your important advocacy work.
  • Promote leadership successes.

The World Health Organisation will track all the identified risks, demands and obtained pledges from around the world and make an effort to bring those to the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety hosted by Sweden in 2020.

“The most effective leaders are those who speak up for change and take action. We can all document our journeys, record our demands, empower others and prompt decision-makers to take responsibility for getting our families home safely,” Mr McInerney said.

Further information on UN Global Road Safety Week can be found here.

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