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It’s been all stations go for online training in the USA after the Roadway Safety Foundation received its ‘Road to Zero’ grant from the National Safety Council at the start of June.

The year-long grant will support the development of web-based usRAP and ViDA training. By May 2018, the RSF hopes to have completed two versions of a stand-alone web training course. One course will be designed for coders and the other will be aimed at high-level decision makers who need to understand the wider context of iRAP’s work. Both courses will be developed in close consultation with iRAP and other global partners.

‘These are exciting times,’ said the RSF’s Director of Safety and Research Programs, Bruce Hamilton. ‘As soon as the funding came through, RSF staff, iRAP colleagues and members of the Global Technical Committee held a series of kick off meetings to establish our project goals, needs and technical requirements’.

The Road to Zero Coalition, which provided the funding, is a 300 members strong group coordinated by the National Safety Council in Chicago in partnership with the US Department of Transportation. The RSF was one of seven organisations that received an inaugural grant to support promising solutions that will move the USA towards a target of zero preventable road deaths and serious injuries within 30 years.


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