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Every year the European Commission and the European Road Safety Charter team reach out to the road safety community to encourage the good practices to be documented, shared, and celebrated with the Excellence in Road Safety Awards. “The Excellence in Road Safety Awards 2021 is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of our members towards the common goal of improved road safety across Europe through specific and measurable actions in their areas of responsibility,” is written on the official webpage. According to the organizers, “Winning initiatives will showcase examples where local communities collaborate to focus on road safety as an integral part of the future mobility system: planning and designing for a safe interaction between road users.”

Applicants can be from EU Member State, an EFTA Member State (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland), or an Accession State (Albania, the Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey). Submissions from outside one of these countries can still be published on the Charter’s website as valuable inspiration for others but will not be considered for an award. Good practices can be submitted HERE.

Deadline for award submissions:
15 September 2021

Award ceremony:
A hybrid event is planned for 18 November 2021 (in Brussels and online).

Read the full submission guidelines, contact national relays for additional information and submit your application HERE.

Check out the 2019 winners HERE.

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