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The key to success of the Star Rating for Schools approach is the involvement of experienced and committed Lead Partners who will build the process into their successful work around schools.  The UN Road Safety Collaboration meetings in New York in April provided a perfect opportunity for all of the Lead Partners to share experience and success so far:

  • Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation has been leading the way with assessments across Uruguay and Argentina, helping design the first reports and securing commitments from local Mayors for immediate upgrades.
  • Safe Kids Worldwide have been undertaking important work to measure the repeatability of the process and define the essential training needs to ensure high quality assessments.
  • The AMEND work in Lusaka is 5-star after their upgrades received full marks for pedestrian safety.
  • On the 12-16 March, The Global Alliance of NGOs received training in Nairobi one day, assessed the school the next and presented and received commitments to upgrade the school safety the day after.
  • AIPF teams in Vietnam have also been running successful pilots that are leading quickly to upgrades
  • FIA clubs, GRSP, WRI and EASST are building the skills to do their own assessments.

A secretariat will be established to help coordinate the global programme and ensure training, communication and technical advice is available for all partners.

With the ability to measure and manage safety at schools using SR4S, alongside the well-established processes of the experienced Lead Partners in engaging with schools, road agencies and local politicians, the momentum is truly building for 3-star or better journeys to school.

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