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Our Vision is for a world free of high risk roads



Saving lives and preventing serious injuries on the world’s roads are what iRAP is all about. With 1.35 million deaths and 30-50,000,000 injuries every year, we need urgent action now to deliver safer roads for all road users. Road traffic injuries are now the leading killer of people aged 5-29 years.

iRAP (the International Road Assessment Programme) is the umbrella programme for Road Assessment Programmes (RAPs) worldwide that are working to save lives.  Like many life-saving charities working in the public health arena, we use a robust, evidence-based approach to prevent unnecessary deaths and suffering.

Our Risk Mapping, Star Rating, Safer Roads Investment Plans and Policy and Performance Tracking tools are helping partners across the world.  Our iRAP family spirit connects people and partners worldwide to ensure we solve problems once and share success quickly.  We benefit from the generosity of partners around the world including regional and national RAP programmes, development banks, mobility clubs, corporations and individual experts who share their time and energy with the charity.

Halving road deaths and injuries is a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal along with other great social justice and health issues like the right to clean water and maternal health. In addition, UN Member States have agreed on 12 Global Road Safety Performance Targets to drive action across the world. Targets 3 and 4 include ensuring all new roads are built to a 3-star or better standard for all road users (Target 3), and more than 75% of travel is on the equivalent of 3-star or better roads for all road users by 2030 (Target 4). Achieving >75% of travel on 3-star or better roads by 2030 will save an estimated 450,000 lives every year and 100 million lives and serious injuries over the 20-year life of the treatments. iRAP’s Global Road Infrastructure KPIs provide the metrics to support this.

Our road safety policy tools are helping inform sound investment by government that saves lives and unlocks the benefits to families, communities, business and health systems through reduced road trauma. Safer roads are not just a social justice issue, they also make sound business sense too.  Dollar for dollar, they provide one of the highest possible public investment returns a country can make.  Explore our business case for safer roads

Working with partners globally, and with the generous support of our donors, we are committed to creating a world free of high-risk roads. iRAP holds Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council

Download the iRAP Metrics Infographic in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

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The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) is a Registered Charity with UN ECOSOC Consultative Status.
iRAP is registered in England and Wales under company number 05476000
Charity number 1140357

Registered office: 60 Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DS
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