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The Roads General Authority (RGA) started preparing early for this year’s Hajj season by surveying the road network leading to the holy mosques in Makkah and Madinah, and ensuring the Control Centre constantly monitors the network to assure the safety of pilgrims.

During the Hajj season, the Control Centre intensifies its efforts in the Madinah Region and focuses on road works to prepare for the arrival of pilgrims.

Its efforts are exerted to improve the safety and readiness of the road network according to the iRAP 3-star or better standard, and achieve the strategic goals of the roads sector which include reaching a high global rank in the Road Quality Index, minimizing road fatalities to less than five cases per 100,000 people, and maintaining excellent services and full network capacity.

This year, it ensured that safety and quality standards were met by scraping and re-asphalting certain areas, grooming road shoulders, and checking that barriers, signs and warning signs were in good order.

The Control Centre collaborates with the National Centre for Meteorology to monitor weather conditions; oversees traffic diversions and road works, and reports on crashes. It monitors social media and vehicle movement, and provides support in case of breakdowns.

It also coordinates with relevant authorities, such as the Red Crescent, traffic police, road safety agencies, and car syndicates to facilitate the connection of the holy sites and all regions, enhancing the pilgrims’ experience.

RGA leads KSARAP, Saudi Arabia’s national Road Assessment Programme.

The Authority is working with road safety stakeholders in the country to eliminate high-risk roads supported by the iRAP methodology, tools, training and connection to global partners.

The programme is a key enabler of the 2030 Road Safety Strategy which makes road safety a top priority across all transport organizations in the country.

Article reference: Saudi Press Agency
Image credit: Muhammad Khawar Nazir, Pexels

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