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iRAP’s online road safety software platform, ViDA (, has recently reached the milestone of 1,000 Creator account users.

The ViDA Creator account is the highest level user, it builds on the Analyst account by having the ability to create and edit Datasets and produce reports (useful for RAP Project Managers, Road Designers, Road Safety Auditors etc). Note that the creation of a dataset requires the permission of the Project Manager, and the creation of a Project requires the permission of the Region Manager

To have a Creator Account, the person needs to be an iRAP Accredited Supplier, and/or have an appreciation of the iRAP methodology, know how to interpret iRAP results, and are aware of issues relation to data quality. For information on iRAP’s Training and Accreditation programme click here.

What is ViDA?

ViDA is an easy-to-use online platform that contains the results from almost 1,000,000km of road assessments in over 100 countries. Anyone can use it to create life-saving Star Ratings and Safer Road Investment Plans.  A great feature of ViDA is that it uses a ‘risk worm’ to segment roads into different levels of risk. This means you can target investment to deliver the biggest return in lives saved and serious injuries prevented.

ViDA is constantly being updated to make it even more flexible and easy to use.

You can register to use ViDA for free.

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