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The Launch of Skillsy!

iRAP is delighted to partner with Skillsy on the launch of Intro to Infrastructure – a new industry induction that revolutionises how we support the next generation of infrastructure leaders.

Australia faces a once in a generation infrastructure program that will change the way that we work, learn and play. It is vital that we work together to deliver it – to build a better and safer Australia for our community.

Intro to Infrastructure brings together industry and government young professionals and new market entrants to build collaboration and understanding of the infrastructure landscape – so that we can build, operate and maintain better and safer infrastructure.

They do this through interviews with leaders, a comprehensive workbook and two days of interactives that help future leaders face these major challenges together. They also provide scholarships – to bring everyone on the journey.  Take the opportunity to build your knowledge and invest in the infrastructure leaders of the future.

Congratulations to all the team and content providers at Skillsy.

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