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Road Safety needs us all! iRAP started the Women in Engineering Grants first in 2021 and continues the offer again in 2022 to 30 successful applicants. The grant programme aims to benefit women with a background in engineering to undertake the Cơ bản về xếp hạng sao và Xếp hạng sao cho kiểu dáng các khóa học.

We are incredibly proud to announce that this year’s 30 iRAP International Women in Engineering Day Grant recipients are from 19 countries, including Thailand, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, India, Philippines, Kenya, Australia, Colombia, Malaysia, Ecuador, Slovak Republic, Cameroon, Romania, South Africa, Peru, Tunisia, Bangladesh and El Salvador.

Some of the highlights nominated by the successful recipients on how they intend to use their knowledge include:

  • To use the iRAP methodology to assess the safety of roads, and incorporate safety measures in the design phase in Kenya.
  • To evaluate roads in the city of Quito (Ecuador).
  • To prioritise investments in India.
  • To assess roads in Thailand and Laos.
  • To make the roads of El Salvador safer and diminish the awful accidents that happen every day. With this knowledge, I would be able to assist my company more effectively in new road projects that require iRAP’s star rating system.
  • To integrate the proper and appropriate road safety measures that will surely address the safety and mobility problems in the Philippines’ national road network.
  • To give me the opportunity to develop more comprehensive advocacy work to create safer streets for children in particular (South Africa).

Below is a list of all our 2022 successful recipients.

We would like to thank all 84 applicants for their interest. The number of applications received demonstrates that there are more women ready and willing to work on road safety assessment and we look forward to supporting their growth in our #RAPCommunity. We are very grateful for the extraordinary support of the Quỹ FIA để biến những cơ hội này thành có thể.

Chức vụCơ quanQuốc gia
Abbey LuttrellProject Manager / Civil EngineerGHDChâu Úc
Aimee WescombeBusiness Group Leader - Transport TasmaniaGHDChâu Úc
Annesha Das HasiExecutive Engineer at Roads and Highways Department Roads and Highways Department Bangladesh Bangladesh
Asfia SultanaExecutive EngineerRoads and Highways Department BangladeshBangladesh
Besung Albright Ngum-NumforGraduating student, Masters in Civil Engineering National Advanced School of Public WorksCameroon
Blanca Rosa de Guadalupe Ortega ReyesTécnico, atención y seguimiento de auditoriasSecretaria de Comunicaciones y Obras Públicas del EstadoMexico
Camila EliasKỹ sư xây dựngSDK EngineeringEl Salvador
CarolinaEngenheira civil Coordenadoria de operação DER-SPBrazil
Denyssa PelinPublic Relations Specialist on Road SafetyNational Company for Road Infrastructure Administration (NCRIA)Romania
Doreen Alekana Kỹ sư tốt nghiệp Egis Kenya
Eunice WahomeGiảng viênKenya Institute of Highways and Building TechnologyKenya
Imen MakhloufSenior Transport EngineerPrivate sector-PIARC-ATRTunisia
Kala PDirector-Road User SafetyKerala Road Safety AuthorityẤn Độ
Katherin Dahiana Silva CuttiAyudante de ingenieroMTOP - Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas Uruguay
Kirsten WilkinsGiám đốc điều hành Open Streets Cape TownNam Phi
Kunnawee KanitpongProfessorThailand Accident Research Center, Asian Institute of Technologynước Thái Lan
Maisa PiresEngenheira Civil de Projetos, ênfase em Segurança ViáriaArteris S.A.Brazil
María GonzálezSpecial Project ManagerConsultores de Transporte, S.A.Mexico
Marjorie Añasco Engineer III - Planning and Design Section, Traffic Engineering Division, Bureau of Quality and SafetyDPWH-Central Office, Traffic Engineering Division - Bureau of Quality and SafetyPhilippines
Martha PlazasKỹ sư xây dựngNational Road Safety Agency of ColombiaColombia
Megha KashyapExecutive Transport PlanningDelhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System LimitedẤn Độ
Norfaizah Binti Mohamad KhaidirResearch Officer Viện Nghiên cứu An toàn Đường bộ Malaysia (MIROS)Malaysia
Pamela Alejandra Villacrés TapiaArchitect - Master in Transport Management. Mention in Mobility, Transit and Road SafetyMetropolitan Transit Agency of the city of QuitoEcuador
Patricia BertozziConsultoria especialista em transportesPPB Engenharia EPPBrazil
Patricia Karen Illacanchi GuerraMobility ConsultantRoad Safety Directorate - PeruPeru
Romana SolarikovaQuản lý dự ánMinistry of Transport and Construction of Slovak RepublicSlovak Republic
Rosebrenda Muchiga Engineer RoadsCơ quan Đường cao tốc Quốc gia Kenya Kenya
Samantha ChapmanTransport Engineer - BEng(Civil)(Hons)GHDChâu Úc
Sharon Seleinkĩ sư hỗ trợMaterial Testing and Research DivisionKenya
Zoranyi Sierra DíazIngeniera Civil Especialista en Seguridad VialInterventoria Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura - Universidad Nacional de ColombiaColombia

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