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After three and a half years EuroRAP RADAR Project has come to an end.

A lot has been achieved during the last few years. To name some, more than 300 road safety specialists have been trained on identifying and improving risk on the road networks; tolls like ViDA and training material including iRAP coding manual have been translated to German (Austrian), Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian, Slovenian and Moldovan language; Experts Groups involving all of you and external experts have worked hard to deliver reports on hot topics like Safer Road Investments Plans, Vulnerable Road Users, Speed Management, Road Safety near Schools, newly revised RISM directive and Covid19 impact on road safety.

Taking RADAR outputs to another level, implementing them in your country, and following up with capitalisation of all achieved will be the aim for the future. Working on road safety improvements in the region should continue, and it shared responsibility needs to remain to keep road safety high in our and all stakeholders’ agendas in the years to come.

The RADAR team have combined all the hard work of the amazing and empowering consortium within the 18-pages long RADAR project magazine – click here to read

RADAR (Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads) commenced in 2018 and was a €2.15 million project over 3-years to improve road infrastructure safety, support environmentally-friendly and safe transport systems and promote balanced accessibility of urban and rural areas. The project has identified risk on road networks and produced plans to systematically reduce risk by improving infrastructure and road layout. It has also delivered training and encouraged transnational cooperation activities to help road safety stakeholders in the region learn from best practice.

Read more on RADAR’s final conference ici

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