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И это Roadviewer is the 16th iRAP accredited inspection system and the first in the world that allows users to code Star Rating attributes based on 3D mobile LiDAR data.

RoadViewer uses existing data captured by TomTom as part of its global mobile mapping (MoMa) programme, gathering some 3 million kilometres of new data per year in over 60 countries.

Instead of needing to send physical teams to conduct road assessments with manual data collection  using video, Anditi can provide ‘off the shelf’ MoMa data from TomTom archives saving on human resources, fuel, emissions and health and safety travel risks. The approach also allows historical data to be explored that can support performance tracking and before and after Star Rating studies related to road upgrades. Data costs and coding costs are still applicable.

The RoadViewer web-portal makes it easy to assess and code road attributes to iRAP global standards. Roadviewer draws on mobile LiDAR captured continuously and 360-degree imagery captured approximately every 8 metres fulfilling iRAP requirements for segmentation in 100m intervals and the coding of over 50 road safety attributes including lane widths, shoulder widths, slopes, distance to trees, safety barriers and power poles.

In addition to manual coding of Star Rating attributes, the RoadViewer system has been designed to facilitate the future transition from video based manual iRAP coding, to AiRAP accredited accelerated and intelligent Star Rating coding, using mobile LiDAR and 360-degree imagery and associated AI and machine learning techniques.

Roadviewer and the MoMa data it accesses can also be used in developing Safer Road Investment Plans, as well as for other purposes such as, the automatic identification of road assets, undertaking swept-path analyses for heavy vehicles and the calculation of bridge clearances for over-height vehicles.

iRAP Accredited Suppliers and Inspection Systems will be key to meeting the recommendations of the recently launched Глобальный план Десятилетия действий по обеспечению безопасности дорожного движения. The Plan recommends for the development of functional classifications and complete assessments using independent and accredited experts to ensure a minimum safety standard of 3-stars or better for all road users.

For information on iRAP Accreditation, including current accredited suppliers and inspection systems, click Вот.

To see an Anditi Roadviewer demonstration video, click Вот or to read more visit www.roadviewer.market/

To see the TomTom blog on the new development, click Вот.

Для получения информации об AiRAP посетите irap.org/project/ai-rap/


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