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iRAP is creating a network of CycleRAP Trusted Suppliers, all of which have excellent knowledge, capability, international experience and innovative tools for applying the CycleRAP model to meet the individual needs of municipalities around the world.

We are pleased to announce the first CycleRAP Trusted Suppliers: FRED Engineering, то Факультет транспорта и транспортных наук Загребского университета (FPZ) а также FACTUAL Consulting.

FRED, FPZ and FACTUAL are long-term partners and accredited suppliers of iRAP and have excellent expertise in conducting RAP assessments. They are all participants in the CycleRAP Advisory Group, which was established in early 2021 to inform the development of CycleRAP.

The new suppliers are supporting new CycleRAP pilot projects around the world. FPZ conducted the first CycleRAP pilot as part of the Проект Интеррег САБРИНА in the European Danube region.

CycleRAP is the latest of a range of innovative tools and models iRAP has developed to help make the world’s road networks safer. It was launched at the Velo-city Conference on 14 June 2022 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The aim of this new model is to help cities and others identify where the risk of bicycle and light mobility crashes is high so safety can be improved. Its launch comes at a critical time, where cities around the world are working to improve the infrastructure and safety of sustainable transport modes.

For more information on CycleRAP and suppliers, see www.irap.org/cyclerap.

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