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3,000+ children are killed or seriously injured on the world’s roads daily, often on their journey to school. Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) is the first ever systematic and evidence-based tool for measuring, managing and communicating the risk children are exposed to on school journeys. It combines an easy-to-use School Assessment Android Tablet App and a Global Reporting for Schools web application. These applications work together to harness the power of the iRAP Pedestrian Star Rating to measure the contribution of road design to the risk for pedestrians at spot locations. Once measured, mitigation treatments can be considered with the support of iRAP’s Road Safety Toolkit and Demonstrator tools by exploring the impact of changes in road features and speed. An investment plan can be determined, interventions tracked and results celebrated.


As at September 2018, SR4S has been piloted in 200 schools across five continents with the support of 10 Lead NGO Partners, and will be launched in April 2019.


Star Rating for Schools has been made possible through the generous sponsorship of FedEx and iRAP, and support from the FIA Foundation and Global Initiative for Child Health and Mobility.

Lead Partners

The Star Rating for Schools is a global partnership of those interested in improving the safety of children and ultimately delivering 3-star or better pedestrian journeys to, from and around schools. To facilitate the global delivery and oversight of the Star Rating for Schools programme, a range of world-leading NGO’s involved in school road safety provide the first point of contact for those seeking to undertake the Star Rating of roads around a school.

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