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UN Road Safety Week: a message from iRAP's Chairman

I’m delighted to see that speed reduction is at the core of this year’s United Nation’s Global Road Safety WeekAs we all know, speed kills!

Research shows that in many situations even a 5% reduction in average speed can achieve a 30% reduction in the number of fatal traffic crashes. It’s hard to think of a lower cost intervention that could deliver such a huge reduction in human suffering and economic loss across the world. As speeds go down, star ratings go up!

If we are to achieve our goal of halving road deaths and serious injuries from road traffic accidents by 2020, we need to boldly reach out into society and build a powerful consensus for safer roads. SaveLives: #SlowDown is a golden opportunity for us to send an unequivocal message that our roads can and must be made safer, because safer roads will Save Lives.

I urge everyone to support Global Road Safety Week in every way they can. Get your colleagues, family and children behind the campaign too! Most importantly, make your own personal pledge to #SlowDown every day.

Let’s make Global Road Safety Week 2017 the week when things really begin to change.

Gary Liddle, iRAP Chairman

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