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usRAP completes studies in two US counties

usRAP has broken new ground in the USA with its analyses being officially incorporated in two US Department of Transportation grass roots projects for the first time.

Barron County, Wisconsin and Palm Beach County, Florida, which received technical assistance from the Federal Highway Administration, also had complete usRAP analyses as part of their road safety projects. The safer road investment plans and supporting database provided by usRAP will be used to develop local road safety plans in partnership with the FHWA.

RSF’s Director of Safety and Research Programs, Bruce Hamilton, noted usRAP’s great versatility in collecting data in two very different locales. ‘Barron County is almost entirely rural and situated in the harsh winter snowbelt,’ Hamilton said. ‘Palm Beach, on the other hand, is largely urban and suburban, is popular with retirees and tourists, and is even home to the so-called “Winter White House” of Mar-a-Lago.’

‘We are delighted to have taken part in these projects, and are grateful for FHWA’s recognition of usRAP as being one of several tools that highway agencies can use to perform data driven analyses under its ‘Every Day Counts’ initiative.’

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