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Saving lives in Barbados

There could be 626 fewer road deaths and serious injuries in Barbados over a 20-year period if an iRAP road improvement plan is fully implemented.

Over 500km of the Caribbean island’s roads were assessed in April 2016 by SEMIC. The results were analysed by a team of eight Barbados Ministry of Transport and Works staff who were trained by iRAP.

 The analysis found that for vehicle occupants 53% of the current network is rated 3-star or better. For motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists the 3-star or better ratings are 44%, 24% and 49% respectively.

Most of the roads surveyed were single carriageways with opposing flows only separated by barriers on a few key routes. There was limited roadside protection and hazardous objects within 5m of the running lane on 90% of the routes.

If a US$27 million package of proposed improvements identified by the iRAP assessment is fully implemented, 3-star or better roads will increase to 56% for vehicle occupants, 46% for motorcyclists; 28% for pedestrians and 51% for bicyclists. The improvements would have a benefit cost ratio of 5:1.

Julio Urzua, iRAP’s Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean said: ‘At present there are an average 203 deaths and serious injuries on Barbados’ road each year. Almost 15% of those casualties could be prevented through our proposals on a small length of high risk roads in the country.  This is a dramatic illustration of the impact that iRAP programmes can have on people’s lives.’

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